Founder of Love to the Nations and Abba House Thessaloniki

The thing I love about Monica is her many talents. She knows how to take a dream, whether hers or someone else’s, and  truly make it a reality. It’s a rare gift to find someone who not only has the creative, visionary side but also the administration and insight that goes with making something happen. I also am confident that whatever Monica is a part of is guaranteed to be excellent. 


Young Adult Pastors at Covenant Church

Monica is somewhat of an anomaly! She is a high capacity leader who is equally creative as she is a systematic. Often times you get one or the other. With her you get both! She has helped us in several ways with our organization. The biggest endeavor was adding structure to our volunteer process- increasing our volunteers from a handful to 60+ ! With this restructuring she created systems that helped our volunteers feel more connected and bought- in to the process. She also created internal systems that helped us to accurately keep track of all our volunteers and first- time visitors. Monica has a down to earth approach, with a CEO mind!